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Restrained and Willing
by Tiffany Bryan

Independent with a lucrative marketing career, Heather Thompson had met every personal goal she’d ever set. Except one. To make all the sizzling erotic fantasies she penned in her diary a reality. And the only man that could make that happen was the handsome, dominant hunk featured in every one of those thong-soaking scenarios. The man she’d loved since she’d been a starry eyed teen. The only thing standing in her way, Pierce himself and his convoluted views on commitment. Determined to blow his phobia to smithereens, and show him she’s the submissive to fit all his sexual needs, she packs her bags and heads home.

Pierce Layton loved women. But had never been in love. A state he was comfortable with since he didn’t believe in the happily-ever-after fairytale. The foundation of those beliefs are shaken when he finds and reads Heather’s diary.  Page after page of raw, hot disciplinary sex between the two of them that starts a fire in his loins and threatens to torch his commitment beliefs. With more than one stumbling block to their relationship, she’s the one person he shouldn’t want, but soon discovers she’s the one he needs beyond any other.

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